Introduction to Force on Force

Price: $150

Description: *This class is NOT FOR BEGINNERS*
We will start with a brief review of the fundamentals then move quickly into fighting with a handgun from contact distance to 25 yards. Airsoft pistols are used in various eye opening drills. Find out if what you’ve been practicing on the traditional range really works in a dynamic 360 degree environment with non-compliant adversaries. This class is only open to students of our previous classes.

Required Items: A handgun, at least two magazines or speed loaders, a holster, a magazine pouch, at least 300 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, a cap or hat, concealing garment, sweat shirt and well-fitting gloves for the force-on-force portion, and water and snacks. If you do not have an airsoft pistol or paintball mask they will be provided.