Thank you to…

My Mother and Dad, with special thanks to Dad, who, to his great credit, did not try and make me a carbon copy of himself, but encouraged me to pursue my own interests in the outdoors.

My wife, dear friend and co-laborer, who has always enthusiastically supported me.

My three children, eager helpers and keen participants in our many family endeavors.

Michael Jurina, NRA Training Counselor, who understood what I wanted to do and helped me acquire the skills and certifications to accomplish it when others had refused to help.

Rickie and Merrill Pelligrin, owners of Southern Shooting Center who have always been generous with their time and facility in reaching out to the non-shooting community.

Jim Crews of Marksman Enterprise, who through his “Some of the Answer” training manuals provided us with several very effective techniques to teach marksmanship.

Gabe Suarez, Christian Warrior and cutting edge instructor, who informed our teaching methods and brought us up to speed on fighting with guns.