Female with Pistol Concealed Handgun Permit ClassThis class fulfills all the Louisiana State Police requirements. Instruction includes handgun nomenclature, handling, use of deadly force and conflict resolution, shooting positions, live fire, cleaning procedures, and more.
Smoke NRA Basic Pistol
No prior handgun experience necessary. Well behaved children, 10 years old and up, accompanied by a parent or guardian are encouraged to attend. In fact, this class is ideal for entire families. You will shoot a variety of handguns and will receive a bonus introduction to the shooting sport ‘Steel Challenge’.
Fire Defensive Handgun Fundamentals
This class is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced shooters. You will learn methods and strategies to defend yourself and your loved ones. In addition to fundamentals, we drill accessing handguns from a holster and from concealment, shooting on the move, shooting from cover, shooting from standing, kneeling, sitting, prone, supine, Creedmoor, and more, as time and student aptitude allow.
Over Shoulder Advanced Defensive Handgun
*This course is NOT FOR BEGINNERS*
This class introduces the realities of a gun fight through interactive gun fighting (force on force) using airsoft pistols. Building on what is learned in the force on force portion, we introduce shooting while dynamically moving off the X, point shooting, dealing with multiple adversaries, 360 degree after action assessment, weapon disarms, fighting from vehicles and more, as time and student aptitude permit.
Instruction Private Instruction
Private one-on-one instruction, custom tailored to your needs and wants. Please contact us for more information.
Low Light Handgun Low Light Handgun 

Shoot through the evening and dusk hours and into the night. Our low light class exposes what it is like to shoot in an atmosphere with little to no light. You will shoot with a flashlight and a red dot sight, but mostly you will become familiar with working your weapon in the dark.